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You can browse this site in several different ways.

By topic, like a wanderer with your knapsack of knowledge on your back. Enter whatever topic interests you and amble around. Sometimes you may feel a little lost, but you may also make some amazing discoveries.

By level of explanation, like a seasoned traveller exploring one of the world’s great cities from top to bottom. Since you will want to see and know everything about the topic you have chosen, you will start at the beginner level, then go on to the intermediate and advanced levels. When you are done with that, you can go on to explore the links we provide to other Web sites and all the knowledge that the Internet has to offer.

By level of organization, like an archaeologist exploring the various levels of a dig site. You can dig down to the nervous-system level, the cellular level and even the molecular level. Or if you prefer, start from the molecular level and work all the way up to the psychological and social implications of your sub-topic.

By module, like a researcher consulting an encyclopedia. The modules on this site are a gold mine of information on such subjects as the history of various disciplines, the tools used in them, the researchers involved in them, and famous experiments that can help you understand them.

By guided tour, following your guide, Right Brain, who takes you through all the levels of the site as if you were at a museum. Right Brain’s guided tours are custom-designed to answer all your questions. To teach you everything he knows, he will take you down secret paths known only to him.